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You Don’t Know What You’ve Got Till It’s Gone

And the saying holds true! As with most things in life, you really don't know what you cherish until it's no longer an option anymore. This past week, I almost lost all of my blog content permanently. Yes, I learned a few things in the process, i.e. backup plugins (although I'm still figuring out how to use that), I was so overwhelmed at the idea of losing all of the...

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Swedish Three Layer Bars

Thanksgiving is already next week, and I haven't posted on here since August. Want to know why? Because when I bake around here, I get a lot of this: Usually it also involves a lot of "helping", and definitely a lot of licking, and of course a whole lot of "I taste it". Recipes take twice as long to make, and as fun as it is to do, we end...

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