Did you know today is National Smore’s Day!?!?! I think it seems kind of funny to have Smore’s Day in the summer – but I guess it goes with camping. I just think of Smore’s as a fall thing.
Chocolate Marshmallows

I had to post something to celebrate… something like National Smore’s Day can’t just be ignored!
chocolate of every kind

I’ve been asked a couple times to post these pictures, but I kept putting it off. Well, I’m glad I did, because today was the perfect day! 🙂 This was a party that my sister and I threw for my brother-in-law when he graduated from college. He’s a huge outdoorsy guy – loves camping, hiking, rock climbing, kayaking… you name it. So we wanted to do something fun for the party – along the lines of a dessert table, but something that wouldn’t feel like a feminine dessert bar. It needed to feel at least partly masculine.
Desserts, marshmallows of every kind, pretty little decorations

This was such a good way to do it… make everyone at the party happy, and do a little something special to celebrate him as well. We had a fire pit outside to let everyone heat up their smore’s, and lots of other options for those opting to ditch the smore’s (how dare they! 😉 )

We added a few little touches of decorations by spray painting mini pumpkins fun fall colors just to add a little splash, and apples sliced and cored with cinnamon sticks used as cups for cider and punch.

Gilded Pumpkins
Apple Cider Cups

And of course, it wouldn’t be a smore’s party unless you put the large marshmallow in the microwave to see just how large it will get! Seriously…. the size of a loaf of bread. Craziness. I mean, you can see the paper plate – it’s overflowing.

And then of course, there’s always cute little nieces eating caramel apples to liven up all parties as well! 🙂 Couldn’t have a smore’s party without that! 😉

So, go out and celebrate Smore’s Day with a little party of your own.

Did you celebrate National Smore’s Day?

Any Dessert Table Pics you have to share?

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    ohmygoodness… i remember these pics from facebook. you are a theme party throwing machine. it looks like it’s straight out of an expensive magazine. are you sure you don’t need a side job?! ; ) if i had money i’d hire you in a skinny minute… i’m throwing a baby shower soon.

    August 13th, 2011 1:08

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