I have several kitchen and entertaining items that I LOVE. I thought I’d share. I’d love to hear from all of you what your favorites are too. I was thinking about making this a recurring series with a link up – doesn’t have to necessarily be cooking gadgets – anything that’s your favorite things that you want to share. What do you think?

This is probably my favorite kitchen/baking item! I LOVE my Kitchenaid mixer. My husband bought it for me for my birthday a year after we were married – back when we were BROKE and shouldn’t have been spending so much on kitchen tools. ha. It was a special at William’s Sonoma that year, and now you can’t even get them. So if anything ever happens to it, I’ll be so sad, cause I really love the color -terra cotta. But maybe I’ll just have to replace it with a pistachio one to go with my one day vintage kitchen! This really does make a difference in the way batters come out. They are much smoother, creamier, and the end result turns out so much better than when I make it with my hand mixer.
My husband is affectionately known as the “cheese grater”. I like to actually call him my sous chef because he does all the smaller tasks for me when I’m cooking. He was tired of using the small hand-held grater we had and cutting his fingers, so for Christmas, he bought me a cheese grater! 🙂 I love it too!! It slices and grates – so you can use it for veggies as well as cheese.

I love milk glass! I think it’s so classy and pretty. I don’t have a lot of it, but a couple different serving pieces, including this pitcher and some tumblers. They make a perfect addition to a brunch, etc. I always look through the kitchen stuff at thrift stores (Goodwill, Salvation Army, etc) and find some great finds. I would love to add this!
This was my first “real” knife. It’s so handy! I use it for just about everything.

I love this spatula because of the size – mini. It’s perfect for getting out that infamously hard to reach first brownie from the batch, making it into corners on casseroles, and the like. It’s so convenient, and I find that I can’t keep it clean because I’m always using it. Definitely a must.
This is another must. This is not an ordinary ice cream scoop! Rather, it has a liquid inside the handle that reacts with the warmth of your hand and softens the ice cream when you scoop it. It doesn’t melt it, just softens enough so it’s not impossible to get out. GENIUS!!

No more smelly garlic hands! Enough said!

The best way to cut meat, herbs, anything you need. Another one of those items for me that never stays in the drawer because it’s always being used.
Last, but not least…
You all know about my love for coffee. Oh you don’t?! You can read about it here. 🙂 Yes, I love it. And it doesn’t get much better than when you have a coffee pot that will grind the coffee and brew it all in the same pot! Love that. I bought this for my husband a few years ago from Target. They don’t have it there anymore, but you can sometimes find it online. I’ve also considered getting the Cuisinart model (so expensive!) because the top of ours is being held down by a piece of tape. Don’t judge! I love my coffee!!!
Hope you all enjoyed this feature. I might be back with some favorite brands, more gadgets, etc!!
Hello, I'm Rebekah! Wife to a creative guy and mom to one incredibly cute little man. I love to read (novels), run (especially races), drink lots of coffee (sweet and creamy please), and enjoy beautiful community with good conversation around a table (with delicious food). This space is all about meshing real life, good food, and beautiful pictures - of food of course.
  • noreply@blogger.com'
    The Power Family

    I love my Keurig coffee maker…because it also makes tea and hot chocolate!!! It is the handiest and cleaniest coffee maker I have owned…and it was a gift from my mother in law!! =)

    June 9th, 2010 12:30
  • noreply@blogger.com'

    Totally do a link up! I don’t blog yet, but if I start… totally will link up with you!

    June 9th, 2010 15:26
  • noreply@blogger.com'

    Kim, we have a Keurig too, but it’s just the single shot one that you add water right then (got for cheap because it was the floor model)… I like it too, but not as good as my other. I don’t like the hot chocolate very much – it tastes watery to me.. but they do have a new one that’s mocha. That’s very tasty!

    June 9th, 2010 15:56
  • noreply@blogger.com'
    The Power Family

    You have to try the German Chocolate Cake Coffee by Timothys. You can buy the K-cups for cheap at CoffeeGiant.Com!! It is SO good!!! =)

    June 10th, 2010 1:04

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