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If I Were A Guest on a Podcast

I know I've talked about my new love for podcasts. If you haven't read all about my love of all things podcasting, you can read that here first. Of course, I've added more loves to my list since then. So many, that my app always has hundreds of unplayed podcasts. Normally, this would bother me to the core (hello, unread emails in my inbox), but with podcasts, the fact that...

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The Last of Summer’s Glory

Sorry I've been a little absent lately..... But I've been a bit preoccupied...... I had babies in my house! Two of them!!! Some of the cutest babies you will ever see! And they're twins! Our good friends Aimee and Chris were down for a quick visit and for Chris to pick up his degree - oh, I mean become a DOCTOR! :) We've been calling him Dr. Chris all week....

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It’s Officially Summer Around Here

Summer has officially hit in California. And... it's HOT! Well, we've had days of heat at least... for California that is. Nothing compared to my hometown counterpart of Charleston, SC where the temperatures have been record high. Can't say I miss that at all. But the difference.... the BIG difference - is that almost everyone in Charleston has an air conditioner in their house. Sweet, lovely, beautiful air conditioning. Oh,...

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