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Fresh Green Bean & Fingerling Potato Salad & A Few of My Current Loves

  A few of my favorite things right now:   1. The idea that fall is just a few weeks away! I'm so ready for fall.... particularly fall in California.   2. "So You Think You Can Dance" - One of the fun parts about summer! My favorites right now are Melanie and Caitlyn - I'm a week behind - so nobody tell me any recent results.   3. Toms...

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It’s Officially Summer Around Here

Summer has officially hit in California. And... it's HOT! Well, we've had days of heat at least... for California that is. Nothing compared to my hometown counterpart of Charleston, SC where the temperatures have been record high. Can't say I miss that at all. But the difference.... the BIG difference - is that almost everyone in Charleston has an air conditioner in their house. Sweet, lovely, beautiful air conditioning. Oh,...

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