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Kale Chips

I have to apologize for my complete absence from the blogosphere! I haven't disappeared completely! Just haven't had time to update.The husband and I are going to this amazing event this weekend for my work. Every year the company I work for (it's a non-profit) has this giant gala sponsored by Safeway as a fundraiser. It's normally $1100 a PLATE!! But all of our employees get to go for free!...

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Coffee Addicts

My husband and I are coffee junkies. We might even be coffee snobs. We only like certain types of coffee! We definitely prefer Peet's Coffee to Starbucks, and you can only guess how we feel about Folger's or Maxwell House. BLECK!We like our latte's - preferably with soy milk (splenda for him, cocoa powder on top for me) please and thank you! Every morning, as we're getting ready, he'll always...

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