guilty pleasures

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Buffalo Chicken Grilled Blue Cheese

I love Buffalo Sauce! I like it on hot wings, Buffalo chicken pizza, in buffalo ranch chicken dip, just about anything. I'll find something to put it on. I also like to eat hot wings - but I'm a HUGE wuss. I love the buffalo wing flavor, but I have to eat it in mild form, or else my nose starts running, my eyes are watering, and I start panting...

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Best New Thing Ever….

Have you tried these?!......Amazing!!! Simply amazing! They grow on you! The first one or two, you think... "yeah, they're okay, they're pretty good". Wait till the 4th or 5th one... You will be addicted. My husband's favorite snack is chocolate covered pretzels. He jokes frequently if he could have one thing on a deserted island, it would be chocolate covered pretzels. This met his requirements. Go get some! :)

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Once A Year Guilty Pleasures

Do you have those foods that you just LOVE... that you CRAVE.... one's that are full of guilt, but are just so darn good. You know, the ones you make like one time a year, and completely gorge yourself with because you know you only get them one time a year. I made one of those for Christmas dinner this year (I have tons of these recipes, but I just...

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