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Juicy and Sweet

First of all, if you haven't entered my One Year Blogiversary Giveaway, you MUST do so now.... I would hate for you to lose out on awesome homemade goodies and a whoopie pie kit!!!There are only FOUR entries so far! So your chances of winning are actually pretty good right now! :) And I know I have more than four readers!! Speaking of readers, I would love to get to...

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What’s Been Blooming

Look what I did!!! I can't believe I actually got something to bloom... okay ripen, but still!My mom planted these when she was here a couple months ago, and I honestly didn't believe they would live to see the day of being red. My mom took all the green thumb in the family for herself! :) She also planted basil, cilantro, and parsleyHmm... what should I make with these beauties?!

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