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Guest Blog

Hi there, Vanilla Bean Can Cakes with Whipped Red Wine GanacheI'm guest blogging today over at Everyday Desserts. Yay! First ever guest blog! :) Over there, you will find out wonderful new things.... like how to make cakes in cans!And how to whip ganache in order to make frosting! Oh yeah, and it has red wine in it! And the secret to weight loss - okay I made that one...

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Hello there, Go on... check me out over here today. You know you want to! :) There's a small little write-up feature about The Cooking Vent over there, and wouldn't it be oh so nice of you to drop on over and check me out! Pocketchange by Become.com shows a lot of different bloggers in features for "Best of the Web"- Be @ Home section, and they asked if they...

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I’m Famous!

Remember this?Well, now you can see her version of the story over at her blog.... and you might or might not even see her very own version of this picture! Go check out Bakerella. Her mom took her picture - How cool! :) Can't believe I made it on Bakerella's blog. I know a bunch of other people did too, but it's still pretty fun! Thanks for indulging me....

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Sugar High Friday

Check it out....I'm featured in the Round Up on 17 and Baking for the Browned Butter Challenge! It's really cool to see your name and your picture on someone else's blog.If you are checking my blog out because of the Sugar High Fridays Round-Up, welcome! I'm sure glad to have you. Leave me a comment and let me know you came by!

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Blog Feature

Very exciting news!!! Found out yesterday that my 2 cheese risotto recipe will be featured on Mary DeMuth's website - A Daily Recipe tomorrow!! Yes, that's Friday, so I know everyone will be daydreaming about their weekends, hurrying through your days, eating out for lunches to make the day go by a little faster, eating old candy sitting on your coworkers desks (well maybe it's new candy now since Valentine's...

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