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Fresh Green Bean & Fingerling Potato Salad & A Few of My Current Loves

  A few of my favorite things right now:   1. The idea that fall is just a few weeks away! I'm so ready for fall.... particularly fall in California.   2. "So You Think You Can Dance" - One of the fun parts about summer! My favorites right now are Melanie and Caitlyn - I'm a week behind - so nobody tell me any recent results.   3. Toms...

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Happy One Year Birthday To Me & A Giveaway to Celebrate

{source}I can't believe it's already been one year since I started this little blog of mine. I wanted to just thank all of you who come by and read, encourage me, and keep me motivated to keep trying out new recipes. As I've said on here before, I love this blog, because it keeps me sane. That's what the 'Vent' part of the "Cooking Vent" is all about. Through this...

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Best New Thing Ever….

Have you tried these?!......Amazing!!! Simply amazing! They grow on you! The first one or two, you think... "yeah, they're okay, they're pretty good". Wait till the 4th or 5th one... You will be addicted. My husband's favorite snack is chocolate covered pretzels. He jokes frequently if he could have one thing on a deserted island, it would be chocolate covered pretzels. This met his requirements. Go get some! :)

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Favorite Things

I have several kitchen and entertaining items that I LOVE. I thought I'd share. I'd love to hear from all of you what your favorites are too. I was thinking about making this a recurring series with a link up - doesn't have to necessarily be cooking gadgets - anything that's your favorite things that you want to share. What do you think? This is probably my favorite kitchen/baking item!...

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