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Hearty Italian Meat Sauce

I'm mostly posting this recipe because my mother's been begging for it...And I'm a slacker....And I have good intentions... I really do! But then I've been getting home from work exhausted, force myself out for a run, make dinner and crash! So, sorry mom! I'll do better this time. I promise! :) I made this with her when she came for a visit for 24 hours back in November. She...

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There is something about food that always seems to bring up memories. It's probably one of the things I like best about food. Lots of people know me by my love for cooking, my love for food (not sure that's a good thing! ;)), and being the one who always wants to try a new recipe. But really, at the heart of the matter, I actually always go back to...

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Italy Day 11 – 14

I'm sorry this has been so long in between posts, but I really wanted to finish up our trip to Italy. I know that the recap isn't the most interesting for everyone, but I thought even if it helps someone who's been to Italy relive the memories for a moment it might be worth it. And I definitely did it also as a way for me to have a journal...

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Changes and Celebrations

It's amazing how one little moment in time can make such an infinite change in someone's life. One of my closest and dearest friends, Aimee, gave birth to twins on Friday!! Two beautiful boys that are absolutely amazing!{Meeting Noah}{Archie's going to make such a good dad!}{So absolutely amazed by him!}What a difference they have to look forward to. We are so excited for them. It was so fun getting to...

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A Spring Blog Party

I heard about this Thoughts of Spring blog party that Lynette over at Dancing on Weathered Ground is hosting, and thought it sounded like so much fun! Spring is so close here in California we can taste it.... except for those random few days of rain that still keep coming out. So, I thought this might be fun to join in in order to get everyone in the mood for...

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I Can’t Wait To….

I'm linking up with Carissa today over at Lowercase Letters. 1. Make these gorgeous treats....{Macarons by: Bakerella}These have been on my "must bake list" for quite some time... however, I haven't had a kitchen scale. Remember a few weeks ago, when I talked about CSN stores letting me do a review on an item in their store? Well, I finally decided, that it was high time I got myself a...

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Buffalo Ranch Chicken Dip

{Source} My sister and her family arrive on Monday!! I'm so excited, I might not sleep until then. I figured out this week that there will be 8 people and a dog in a 900 square foot house for one week. That means that we will each get about 100 square feet each of living space! :) haha... And that doesn't include closets and the bathroom! (yeah, we only have...

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Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to all of you... from our home to yours!Thank you for such a wonderful blogging year! I am so grateful for each and every one of you! Thanks for joining me on this blogging journey and reading me every so often! :)

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An Adventurous Weekend!

Well, I don't know about you, but I sure had an eventful weekend!Saturday alone, this was our fun-filled schedule: 1. Wake up2. Get a phone call and got the news our 99 Honda Civic had sold (it needed a very expensive repair that would cost half as much as it was worth, so not worth fixing... we had just started trying to sell it on Friday)3. Run 10k mileage for...

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Safe To Say

**P.S. There are 3 days left for the CSN gift card giveaway! Enter Here!!**I think it is clearly safe to say that Capo has adjusted well to his new backyard! :) He is loving his sunbathing time! I found him today coming out of the crawl space underneath the house, with his face covered in cobwebs, tail wagging and smiling. He's one happy guy!I'm sorry for the lack of recipes...

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