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Labor Day, Brownies, and Zumba

Well, that's quite the title, huh? I don't think it could get any more random than that...It's too bad it's Wednesday, or else I could have linked to Carissa's Miscellany Monday...1. Labor Day - Before the South Bay Staff Cookout, Archie and I went to do a little exploring of a nearby town that we hadn't been to yet. I had seen a store that sold frozen custard, and I...

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Mastering The Art Of Julia

The hubby and I had a P.J. day today. We rented movies, turned off the phones, and stayed in. It was fabulous. We watched Julie and Julia for the first time. What a great movie!! In the middle of the movie, Julie attempts Julia's Raspberry Bavarian Cream dessert for the food editor. Something about it was calling my name. Or maybe it was the fact that I'm still craving comfort...

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