Daniel Fast

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Chunky Guacamole

YUM! Guacamole! The world's best "healthy" snack!! And this one is SOO super easy!You know avocados are good for you right! I just heard on the Biggest Loser they are 50 calories per ounce of pure heart healthy fats! Of course it doesn't count if you eat 15 ounces of avocado's right?!? All in the form of this super super yummy guacamole! (This recipe can easily be doubled, tripled, or...

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Celebrate Good Times

Yes, we're celebrating all right! We're celebrating the last of the vegan posts.... at least for a while. Coincidentally, my husband and I decided that we actually really like the vegan diet. We've really explored a lot of new food options, tried many new recipes, and decided we even like soy milk more than regular milk.We might start eating all vegan...Ha, "Don't get crazy"However much we do like eating vegan,...

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The Sweet Tooth Within

So, it's Day 16 of 21 of our Daniel Fast. I can hold out from sweets for a while, but SIXTEEN DAYS!!! That's asking a lot! Around Day 14, I was seriously craving some sugar. Everyone who's an expert in sugar detox says your body will decrease cravings for sugar after a few days, well mine increased! :) It might just be the comfort of something sweet and yummy after...

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Don’t Stop Reading Because It’s Vegan

I knew that would catch your attention! I know a lot of people turn up their noses and won't give this recipe a try because it's vegan, but I'm here to tell those people to give this recipe a second chance! It's delicious, it's yummy, it's good for you, and it's packed with protein!My church, Southbay Church, is doing a 21 day Daniel Fast, which we are right in the...

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