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2nd Annual Blogger Cookie Swap – Nutmeg Browned Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies

I love cookies! and I love Christmas cookies! Because I love to be in a sugar coma from cookies starting December 1st through December 31st, I decided to once again participate in the Food Blogger Cookie Swap. This is my second year (and the cookie swaps second year), and it as always is so much fun. The anticipation of cookies coming in the mail is almost more than I can bear!...

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Eggnog Sugar Cookies

I know I've said this before... but California has to be the best state ever. It's not even my home state - where I was born and raised. But it sure does feel like "home" now. Archie and I LOVE to explore, and one of our favorite ways is hiking. There are so many places to go hiking here. This past weekend we went hiking with our hiking buddies, Jeremiah...

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The Great Cookie Swap 2011 – Gingersnap Cream Cheese Sandwich Cookies

A few weeks ago, on twitter, I saw that Lindsay from Love and Olive Oil was going to be hosting a cookie swap! It was such a fantastic idea that I had to join in. She had a sign up where bloggers could sign up, get matched up with other bloggers, and exchange a dozen cookies by mail with three other bloggers. What a great way to get to know...

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A One Year Anniversary Winner

Hello There,I'm glad you came by to visit. I have a winner for my giveaway... but I'm going to make you wait, just a little bit, to find out who won! :) I've very excited.This is what my wonderful husband made for me. Isn't it cute! He didn't disappoint. He's been taking lessons. A+ for effort, A++ for taste (P.S. He used the awesome chocolate buttercream recipe with the secret...

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Juicy and Sweet

First of all, if you haven't entered my One Year Blogiversary Giveaway, you MUST do so now.... I would hate for you to lose out on awesome homemade goodies and a whoopie pie kit!!!There are only FOUR entries so far! So your chances of winning are actually pretty good right now! :) And I know I have more than four readers!! Speaking of readers, I would love to get to...

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Sugar High Friday

Check it out....I'm featured in the Round Up on 17 and Baking for the Browned Butter Challenge! It's really cool to see your name and your picture on someone else's blog.If you are checking my blog out because of the Sugar High Fridays Round-Up, welcome! I'm sure glad to have you. Leave me a comment and let me know you came by!

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Browned Butter Molasses Chocolate Chip Cookies – Sugar High Fridays #68

I spoke way way too soon. About many things... 1. That the weather hadn't been over 90 degrees here all summer, and California weather was never hot. Well, we sure got our fair share of it this week. It got to 106 degrees on Tuesday, and Monday and Wednesday were equally as hot. Our new house doesn't have air conditioning, and when we walked in the house on Tuesday night...

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Saved For a Rainy Day

I decided to take part in my friend Carissa's Miscellany Monday, because it would be a great way to get back in the swing of things. So here's Miscellany Monday on Tuesday!I'm sorry that I have been completely absent for about the last month. It has been QUITE the month! I might not have any readers left due to this crazy absence! Is anyone there?? :) 1. We did in...

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Feels Like Home

Maybe it's because my mom will be here in exactly 26 days....And my sister and brother and law will be here in a month and a half...Or maybe because several of my friends in Charleston have either had babies or getting ready to have babies....Maybe it's because my nephew wants to come visit me because I "have 4 pools" (the apartments we live in do, not me personally)...Or maybe because...

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