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Because I love my Husband

My husband claims that his favorite cake is German chocolate cake....He also claims his favorite cake is Duncan Hines strawberry with rainbow chip icing (don't judge, that stuff is amazing! You should go take a lick right now of some rainbow chip icing)And he LOVES lemon curd cupcakes.So, it's not hard to please him. But German chocolate cake is not my favorite. So when he'd been asking for it, and...

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Summer Is Here

Now that I live in California, I love the summer! Couldn't say the same for South Carolina. It was SOO hot, I would count down the days to fall - because you can still go to the beach in the fall, and you can actually keep the windows open. In California, you can keep the windows open year round, the flowers are gorgeous, you can actually enjoy outdoor activities in...

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Gooey Chocolate Cupcakes with Ganache Truffle Filling

You all must think I'm a serious fatty!Please don't think I eat ALL the stuff I make (i.e. an entire chocolate avocado cake!) . I might try it, or have one of something, but I always pass it along, make it for something we are going to, take it to work, or make my husband take it to his office. I always at least taste it to at least make...

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Coffee Addicts

My husband and I are coffee junkies. We might even be coffee snobs. We only like certain types of coffee! We definitely prefer Peet's Coffee to Starbucks, and you can only guess how we feel about Folger's or Maxwell House. BLECK!We like our latte's - preferably with soy milk (splenda for him, cocoa powder on top for me) please and thank you! Every morning, as we're getting ready, he'll always...

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