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There is something about food that always seems to bring up memories. It's probably one of the things I like best about food. Lots of people know me by my love for cooking, my love for food (not sure that's a good thing! ;)), and being the one who always wants to try a new recipe. But really, at the heart of the matter, I actually always go back to...

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Buffalo Ranch Chicken Dip

{Source} My sister and her family arrive on Monday!! I'm so excited, I might not sleep until then. I figured out this week that there will be 8 people and a dog in a 900 square foot house for one week. That means that we will each get about 100 square feet each of living space! :) haha... And that doesn't include closets and the bathroom! (yeah, we only have...

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Random Things on A Monday:

1. Wow - is January really almost over! I can't believe there is only one week left in this month. It flew by, and I don't even know where it went. Being sick the first two weeks of the month really made my life feel so unorganized! My husband and I are trying to get all organized for the year, do a "winter cleaning" instead of spring, and feel more...

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Miscellany Monday

I've joined in with Carissa at Lowercase Letters for Miscellany Monday1. CUPCAKE - On Saturday, some good friends and I had a little outing - we went consignment shopping and went to try out a new-to-us cupcake place in San Jose. Love's Cupcakes is downtown San Jose, has a fun vibe, and offers lots of yummy choices (see picture below!) I have been on a hunt for a good place...

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Celebrate Good Times

Yes, we're celebrating all right! We're celebrating the last of the vegan posts.... at least for a while. Coincidentally, my husband and I decided that we actually really like the vegan diet. We've really explored a lot of new food options, tried many new recipes, and decided we even like soy milk more than regular milk.We might start eating all vegan...Ha, "Don't get crazy"However much we do like eating vegan,...

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